Eden Seiw, President at Cellular Ninjas

Quest 2000 Group International has done miracles in restructuring xhWireless to the professional image that you see today. Thank you, Lynda for all your dedication and hard work in making it happen for us.

Trent Quapp Leadership, Vision,Engaging for Results

Expert Motivational Speaker : In Leadership, Intentional living, Vision & Engaging for Results. (L.I.V.E.)

When I took on Quest 2000 to help me out I found they had a huge passion on helping others, seeing people succeed and putting a personal touch into everything. In my opinion, I would strongly recommend to anyone that wants to see the organization fly. Thanks!

Lyle R. Wheres, Owner, Gnome's Galore Enterprises Ltd.

December 7, 2012, Lyle R. reported directly to Lynda. I have known Lynda Pinter for quite some time as we have come across together in business wise many times over the last few years,
We are here for one another and help each other out in every which way possible.
I certainly would recommend Lynda for any consultances duties that come her way as she can handle them all in a very professional way.